Smooth Skin Begins With a Fresh Wax

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Are you overdue for a wax? Book an appointment at Shear Attraction and embrace the beauty of smooth skin. Our waxer is highly trained and qualified to remove hair from your face the proper way. Whether you need to ditch that mustache or clean up your brows, you're sure to leave our salon satisfied with the results.

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4 reasons to put that razor down

4 reasons to put that razor down

You may think shaving is an effective way to remove all unwanted hair, but we don't recommend it for your face. We recommend waxing for facial hair instead because:

  • It doesn't irritate the skin
  • The results are smoother than plucking
  • It doesn't lead to painful razor bumps like shaving
  • The hair will take longer to grow back

Feel beautiful with a fresh wax. Reach out to our waxer today to schedule your appointment.